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D-Network Dayz Epoch Server Pack

This is custom DayZ Epoch script pack for Chernarus only. It is optimized for Nitrado Gameservers and its Admin Tool.

I have BattleEye installed and my users got kicked with your pack?

This pack has been developed and tested without BattleEye. Attached Battleye filters disable all checks. Note: If someone has proper BattleEye filters, please merge them in with a pull request.

Wooh - I need support?

This pack is for private usage and shared to public without any warranty or direct support - Please report bugs only via Github in German/English (

I want to donate, but what will be done with it?

Donations will be used to keep development servers up and running. Feel free to support this pack by donating at


  • Animated Heli, AN2 Crash
  • Name Tags
  • Custom Menu for specific small admin scripts (tested with Infistar)
  • Selfbloodbag
  • Autorefuel
  • Salvage modification to remove every part
  • NPC (Sarge AI) with modified weapons
  • Side Missions (EMS) with reduced loot
  • Custom debugmonitor with mission display
  • AI Zone Alpha
  • Several Map Updates
  • Churches replaced to be accessable
  • New Traders & Changes
  • Traders Safezone
  • Wrecks with Loot
  • Service Station near Stary City
  • Snap Building
  • Indestructible Bases
  • Extra Vehicles (Merlin, M113Ambul_UN_EP1, BTR40_TK_GUE_EP1 , M1133_MEV_EP1, Bell Heli)
  • Tow & Lift with modified vehicle/heli list
  • No Tow on locked vehicles
  • Sarge AI invisible fix
  • Vehicle Master Key
  • EVAC Chopper
  • No Salvage on locked vehicles
  • No Damage on locked vehicles

Map Updates

  • New Trader cities
  • Bridges to islands Otmel and Skalisty
  • Junkyard
  • Extra Charnarus Buildings
  • Topolka Dam Military Base
  • Black Lake Military Base
  • Hidden Killers Ranch
  • Wreck Sites
  • Dead Castle
  • Devils Caste
  • Prigindy City
  • Tikhaya City
  • Train Wreck
  • Dubrovka Detruit
  • Camping Tents
  • Cherno Quarantine
  • New Buildings Balota
  • New Buildings Cherno
  • New Buildings Kamenka


  • Stop your server
  • Download PBO Manager (
  • Create dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus.pboand dayz_server.pbo
  • Upload dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus.pbo to \dayz\mpmissions\
  • Upload dayz_server.pbo to \dayz\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\
  • Clear SQL table SERVER_TRADERS, TRADER_DATA, TRADER_TIDS from database
  • Import attached SQL files into database
  • Start your server

(Note: Some people reported that they had to reset the map for any reason to get it working on Nitrado)


  • To get access to the script menu, open \dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus\scripts\custom_menu.sqf and add your Arma2 playerid like if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["12345"]) then {

  • Change \dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus\scripts\custom_monitor.sqf to your needs (Server Name, Restart Time, ...)

  • To deactivate Nitrado Admin Tool, please remove in \dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf the line [] spawn compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "@AH\AH.sqf";