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Alfons is a small script that will help you with your project management! Inspired by the worst use cases of Make (so basically, using targets instead of shell scripts), it will read an Alfons file, extract the exported functions and run the tasks just like alfons <task>.

CLI Usage

You can call tasks using the command-line tool. Simply pass the task name as an argument. Any - will get replaced by _,and every / by _ as well, to enable writing Taskfiles easily. Any argument that is not a recognized task will be added as an extra argument. These do not need to be prefixed.

# Calling a list of recognized tasks
alfons task1 task2 task3

Unrecognized arguments will get accumulated and passed to the next known task:

alfons arg1 arg2 task1 arg3 task2
# Results in task1(arg1, arg2) and task2(arg3)


The taskfiles that Alfons is able to read must have specific names. These include:

  • Alfons
  • alfons
  • Alfonsfile
  • alfonsfile
  • Taskfile
  • taskfile
  • Alfons.moon
  • Alfons.lua
  • alfons.lua These all are checked in the same order displayed here. Note that there is no alfons.moon file, this is because the source filename is called like this, and development is much easier when you dont have to change the name to this file. There are some filenames that don't have an extension, these must, obligatorily, have a comment inside that indicates the file type. This comment must match the regex \-\- alfons: ?[a-z]+, and the optins availiable are either "lua" or "moon". This means that your comment can be any of:
-- alfons: moon
-- alfons: lua
-- alfons:moon
-- alfons:lua

Writing tasks

Tasks must be exported/global functions in your taskfile, they will be loaded into a table by Alfons. It does not get loaded into the global environment, but into a custom environment which is then captured. All functions are passed the self/@ argument. This arguments includes a name field (the name with which it was called), an argl field with the extra arguments, ltext as the ltext library, and file as the file.lua module in this repo.

Callback tasks

There are some tasks which are called at special times:

  • The always task runs always before any other task.
  • The default task runs if no other task has been run.
  • The teardown task runs always after every task. These all get passed arguments the same way any other task would.

Writing AKA-style aliases

You can write AKA-style aliases by using the / replacement, and writing them "plainly" in your Taskfile.

-- Let's try to write an alias for diversity/docker/compose
-- alfons: moon
    compose: do export diversity_docker_compose = =>

This abuse of MoonScript's syntax is unnecessary, but could look more organized in bigger alias files. You can just simply export as another task.


You can use LuaRocks to install this

$ luarocks install alfons

It works on both 5.1 and 5.3!