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ltext is a text utils library for Lua, including various functions from lua-users and some others.


slow_write text, rate

Writes each character of text at 1/rate.

slow_print text, rate

Similar to slow_write but appends a newline at the end

starts_with text, start

Checks if text starts with start

ends_with text, ends

Checks if text ends with ends

first_upper text

Makes the first character uppercase

first_word_upper text

Makes the first alphabetic character uppercase

first_lower text

Makes the first character lowercase

first_word_lower text

Makes the first alphabetic character lowercase

title_case text

Makes the first character of all words uppercase

all_lower text

Makes all characters lowercase

all_upper text

Makes all characters uppercase

url_encode text

URL-encodes a string

url_decode text

URL-decodes a string

trimr text

Removes whitespace at the end of the string

triml text

Removes whitespace at the beginning of the string

trim text

Removes whitespace at the beginning and end of the string

split text, sep=" ", max, plain

Splits a string using separator sep a maximum of max times. If plain is true, then the separator will be escaped.

arrow text, full=true, color="blue"

Prints => #{text} in color color (of ansicolors), if ansicolors is not detected then it will print plainly. If full is set to false, only the => will be colored.

dart text, full=true, color="cyan" -> ->

pin text, full=true, color="green" -> --

bullet text, full=true, color="green" -> *

quote text, full=true, color="magenta" -> >

title text, full=true, color="magenta" -> ==

error text, full=true, color="red" -> !!

Similar to arrow, but with different prefixes.

printf text, ...

Equivalent to print string.format text, ...

Exclusive to ansicolors

set_foreground color

Sets foreground to color

set_background color

Sets background to color

printc text

Equivalent to print ansicolors text

printcf text, ...

Equivalent to print ansicolors string.format text, ...

Exclusive to inspect.lua

printi any

Equivalent to print inspect any