A handy cheatsheet for magit, the excellent emacs mode for git.
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This cheatsheet is for version 1 of Magit and many things have changed considerably in version 2, including the key bindings. If you are using version 2 (which you should), then instead head over to the new homepage, which among other things features a new manual and a [semi-official refcard](http://magit.vc/manual/magit-refcard.pdf. If you are updating from version 1 to 2, then you should also read the update instructions.

Magit Cheatsheet

magit is an emacs mode for git, and is crazy awesome. I've distilled the Magit User Manual into a command-centric cheatsheet for my own purposes.

The upstream magit project updates itself every so often. If you catch it before I do, please fork and patch!

This project contains...

  1. The master org-mode file in case you feel like wrestling with org-mode's org-export-as-html and its weird set of quasi-controls in order to update the cheatsheet.

  2. The HTML output of exporting the current version of the org-mode file, so you can compare and contrast.

  3. A utility .el file. In order to get org-mode to export nicely, I had to add two user variables to my .emacs, along with a macro I used to quick-replace the TD elements with the classes they need.

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