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Your own personal hoodwink'd. Add commenting to any site.

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Basically a simple server to embed comments on other websites. Like, say, Trac. You can think of it a bit like Hoodwink'd, except these comments can be private, and therefore contain sensitive information.


You'll need a few gems first:

$ gem install merb-core BlueCloth markaby activerecord

Run the server:

$ cd backchat
$ merb -I backchat.rb

Then embed the javascript in a page or template:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://your-server:4000/<reference>.js"></script>

Where <reference> is something unique, like a trac changeset number.


  • A better way of embedding the HTML than document.write might be nice - the way I'm doing it right now is incredibly flaky
  • Determine the reference automatically from the URL
  • Some kind of bookmarklet
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