TooBasic is a too basic php framework with some basic features
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TooBasic 2.3.0-mamba

What is it?

Well TooBasic is a too basic php framework with some basic features, in other words, a micro-framework. Its main reason for existence is to provide a simple and quick framework in which you can start right away building your site while TooBasic takes care of some common stuff.

Why would I use this at all?

Well, there's no real reason, you'll probably find much better solutions in the first page of a google search, but if you want to try a simple framework, keep reading.

Basic features?

TooBasic provides some sort of solution to features like:

  • MVC: Provides model-view-controller mechanism (visit Controllers and Models).
  • Skins: Provides different ways of displaying your sites (visit Skins).
  • Scaffolds: Also provides a basic set of tools to create artifacts in a faster way (visit Facilities).
  • Forms Builder: A mechanism to define and administrate forms through JSON specification files (visit Forms Builder and Quick Forms).
  • Routes: Pretty and clean urls (visit Routes).
  • Database Wrapping: Provides a simple way access tables in a database by representations (visit Databases and Representations).
  • Services: Controllers that only return a JSON result avoiding presentation logics (visit Services).
  • Plugins (modules): A simple mechanism to expand your site through plugins.
  • Shell Tools: Some sites usually have background tools to perform heavy tasks, TooBasic provides a way to define and manage this tools (visit Shell Tools and Crons).
    • Crons: Something like tools, but restricted to cron-type executions.
  • Cache: It provides a simple way to cache controller result avoiding its logic on a second request (visit Cache).
  • APIs Wrapping: Provides a simple mechanism to access external APIs (visit Simple API Reader).
  • Language Translations: Provides a way to show your sites in different languages (visit Languages).


Installation is not that complicated and you can find how to do it following this link.

Start up

To show you how easy it could be, once you installed TooBasic in a directory (let's say named mysite), follow these three steps:

  • Go to your TooBasic directory (the one called mysite).
  • Run this command:
php shell.php sys controller new my_controller
  • Access your newly created controller with your browser at an URL similar to this:


And just to let you know:

  • this already gave you a controller and a separated view rendered using Smarty.
  • and it's already using a really basic files based cache system.

Of course, if you want you can write controllers and views manually as explained in this link.

Suggested modules (plugins)

If you are already using TooBasic and you want to expand your possibilities, we suggest you visit this plugins:

  • JSInject: Your PHP variables in your JS.
  • Logger: To generate and manage log files in your site.
  • Workflows: If items in your site have to follow a intricate process with different stages and status and you're thinking about a work flow, well, check this module.
  • ZFieldFilters: This is a simple extention of complex fields in your representation that allows you to use some columns as zipped data.
  • Redis: To use Redis as cache adapter.


These are some documentation pages we suggest you to visit to get more knowledge of how TooBasic works:




Even though you can use other mechanisms, TooBasic provides and adapter for template using Smarty as engine, and it's selected by default. You should visit its documentation at Documentation.

Of course, if you want to use a different template interpreter, you may visit the Adapters Doc to find an alternative. Nonetheless, sys-tools use Smarty to generate scaffolds.

Home Page:

Twitter Bootstrap

Because it makes things pretty and saves the life of programmers with no designing skill like I am.

Home Page:


Who doesn't use jQuery?

Home Page: