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A simple Spree Slideshow with the aim of creating a slider that's easy to use for normal users.
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Spree Showcase

Spree Showcase is a simple extension that allows you to create the good ol' slideshow. The goal is to create a slideshow extension that makes things easy for the users and programmers. Minimal effort needed.

The secondary objective is to create a slideshow template that allows most types of JS slider to be implemented easily into Spree.

Screenshot of Frontend:

Screenshot of Frontend

Admin Backend:

Screenshot of Backend

Currently, this is the first iteration of the slideshow extension at v0.5.2. Contributors are greatly welcomed =)

Next to come:

  • Adding sliders to different layout positions
  • Enabling more options to be customized in the Admin Menu


Get a clean Spree Installation

rails new spree_demo cd spree_demo spree install

In Gemfile

gem 'spree_showcase' # Ruby Gems

After That

bundle install
rails g spree_showcase:install

Remember to run rake assets:clean, otherwise the javascript library might not be loaded.

Supports Spree 1.1 and 1.3


The default Deface override is automatically added to your Project in


This default override acts to add the Showcase slide show to the main spree_application_home layout, at the top of the #wrapper div.

To change where the slide show appears, simply edit this Deface override in add_showcase_to_home_layout.

For example to add it to a home page at top of div id main-slideshow :
  :virtual_path => 'spree/home/index',
  :name => 'add_spree_slider_to_home_index',
  :insert_top => "#main-slideshow",
  :partial => "spree/slides/showcase.html.erb"


No tests have been done yet. Use at your own risk!

Copyright (c) 2012 Damon Aw, released under the New BSD License. [What is the BSD license anyway?]

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