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Django application for handling GET query params for url creation
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Add query_exchange to INSTALLED_APPS in your

    # ...



In python code

query_exchange has reverse_with_query function that reverts url by view name, args and additional query string params

Assumes there is this url config:

 urlpatterns = patterns(
     url('^cinema/(\w+)/$', views.cinema, name='cinema_view')

And it is required to build url to 'cinema_view' with additional date parameter

 from query_exchange import reverse_with_query

 url = reverse_with_query('cinema_view', args=('luxor',), add={'date': '2010-03-12'}, params=request.GET)

the result will be


In templates

Before using template tags you have to load correspondent tags library

{% load query_exchange_tags %}
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