A really really simple GTK 3 logout dialog for OpenBox written in python 3
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A really really simple GTK 3 logout dialog for OpenBox written in python 3.

This is a ~2 hrs script I wrote, pretty much drunk, to get a bit into python and gtk. So don't be to harsh ;)
Since I don't use hibernate this option is not included. If you want it just add it yourself or drop me a line.
Also no localization. Since I use my arch only in english. Even if it's not my natural language as you'll know by now :D
It works well enough for me, but if you have any recommendations please let me know.


  • clone the repository
    git clone ...

  • run make
    sudo make install

  • to uninstall run
    sudo make uninstall

  • or
    sudo make purge to remove system wide config files as well


The script will read the following config files:

  • /etc/ob-session-logout/ob-session-logout.conf
  • ~/.config/ob-session-logout/ob-session-logout.conf
  • config file given by the command line argument --config

Each file overwrites the values from the preceding one.


Section [Display]

  • banner (default /usr/share/ob-session-logout/archlinux-logo-dark.png)
    Path to an image that will be shown on top of the dialog.

Section [Commands]

Defines the commands run by the respective buttons.

  • logout (default openbox --exit)
  • suspend (default systemctl suspend)
  • restart (default systemctl reboot)
  • shutdown (default systemctl poweroff)


  • -h
    show help

  • --config file
    config file to load

  • --create-config file
    creates a config file with default values


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