Retrieve information from the Eskom API
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Retrieve information from the Eskom API

##What's going on here? This code makes a query to the website and pulls out the publically available information. Nothing funny is going on here, its just a different way to display the information that Eskom has made available


I wanted something that displayed a simple 2-line summary. No fancy webapp, no icons. Just text

##Getting data thats relevant to you

You will need two pieces of information from the website in order for this to work. To get these pieces of information:

  1. Go to
  2. Register an account (click on the top left icon -> My profile)
  3. Open your web browsers Developer console, go to the Network tab.
  4. Go back to the dashboard (top left icon -> Dashboard)
  5. Scroll through the Network requests, look for a POST to 24?=, Click it
  6. Select the Params subtab
  7. Copy the authKey and city values
  8. Put authKey and city into the mypowerstats scripts in place of the bogus values

##What you'll get

The response from the myeskom site is a JSON Object.

In the object you'll find some useful things, and some useless things


  • 'status' = Power Alert Status (Eskom's colour index of grid status)
  • 'level' = Power Level (Eskom's way of stating the grid load)
  • 'levelstatus' = Power Trend (Trend of the load. Up/Down/Stable)

Sort of useful:

  • 'location' = Location (incase you forgot)
  • 'tmp' = Outside Temperature (Celcius)
  • 'appliances' = An Array of Appliances that Eskom thinks you should turn off
    • 'name' = Name of the appliance you should turn off


  • 'nextloadsheddingdate' = Next Load Shedding Date (I've never seen this populated. It's always null)
  • 'tiptitle' and 'tipofday' = Eskom gives you helpful Tips on saving electricity. Like using a blanket instead of a heater.


This code is released under The MIT License (MIT).


Written and maintained by Kieran Murphy

If you find this helpful in any way and you want to say thanks, feel free to donate Bitcoin at 1Eyr72dHQs3RCo1tpXDeccyxjzqyXdYvuH