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ArkStats Reporter

arkstats-reporter is a backend service that runs alongside ark-node via JSON-RPC to fetch and send real-time statistics about the Ark network to the ArkStats server. For full installation instructions and to learn how it works, check out the Wiki.

ArkStats Server

The arkstats-server is currently in development and will be released in a separate repository soon:

ArkStats Server


Installation on Ubuntu Server

Ensure that ark-node is installed, running, and that the API (port 4001 by default) is open and reachable from your server. For instructions on setting up an Ark node, please refer to this blog post. If you are running a forging node, it's recommended that you install arkstats-reporter on a different server to ark-node to avoid possible performance issues. Installation on the same server is possible by using localhost as the hostname when running the build script.

Clone the arkstats-reporter release branch and run the interactive build script.

This repository has been split into two branches, v1 and v2. If you are not using the build script, make sure you clone from the correct branch. v1 is not compatible with v2, and vice versa. The v2 branch has been updated to use the core endpoints and is still a work in progress.


sudo apt-get install git
git clone -b release
cd arkstats-reporter/


sudo apt-get install git
git clone -b release
cd arkstats-reporter/

Note: You must clone and install arkstats-reporter as a regular user. Do not run as the root user.

Alternatively, you can edit the RPC_HOST, RPC_PORT, LISTENING_PORT, INSTANCE_NAME and CONTACT_DETAILS values directly in app.json if you do not want to use the installation script.

Note: As of 1.3.1, the secret is no longer required in app.json.


Simply pull the latest revision and re-run the build script. You will be asked if you want to keep your existing configuration.

cd arkstats-reporter/
git pull
bash OR

Installation on Docker

A Docker image containing an ark-node instance and arkstats-reporter will be available soon.

Running the reporter

To start the reporter:

pm2 start app.json

To stop the reporter:

pm2 stop arkstats-reporter

To check if the reporter is running:

pm2 status

To check the logs:

pm2 logs arkstats-reporter


Licensed under the GPLv3 License.



Thanks to karek314 and cubedro for the Lisk and Ethereum reporters in which this project was forked from.

Special thanks to jamiec79, ghostfaceuk and sidzero for testing the reporter.