Swtor plugin for ACT
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Swtor addon for ACT

How to use:

1) Download SwtorAddon (zip file): https://github.com/dafzal/SwtorAddon/zipball/master
2) Extract the zip file to c:\SwtorAddon
3) Download and install ACT: http://advancedcombattracker.com/
4) Run ACT
5) Go to the plugins tab
6) Click Browse
7) Add the plugin. Should be c:\SwtorAddon\SwtorAddon\SwtorParser.cs
8) Click Add/Enable Plugin
9) Go to the Import/Export tab
10) Click Select File
11) Combat logs should be in C:\Users\iota\Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs
12) Click YOU

You're done! Play around with the encounters in the main tab.