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best way to implement parametrized tests #120

gabrielelanaro opened this Issue Aug 23, 2011 · 3 comments

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There is a preferred way to run parametrized texts?

For example I'm testing a scientific code on a series of molecules, something like:

def calc_energy(molecule, expected_energy):

I've tried to implement a context as a generator, something like:

def generate_mol():
     # extracting molecule objects from files...
     for mol,en in zip(molecules, energies):
           yield mol, en

But, of course this is not working because this is not a context as intended.

I was looking mainly for suggestions (or plans for a specific support in attest) on how to handle these cases of testing.

dag commented Aug 23, 2011

See #105 for one solution implemented in master. #106 is also on the todo. Lately I've been feeling the Flask-like approach of Attest might be a little limiting compared to pytest or my experimental rewrite of Attest (see my "detest" repo) and I'm not sure where I want to go with Attest.

For now I suppose try the #105 solution, perhaps with some helper decorator to apply all the different decorators at once to a test function.


Thank you very much for the suggestions!


I've implemented my own utility for parametrized tests, here I present a real example. water_mp2, and ammonia_mp2 are instances of Tests (actually a subclass of it that implements parametrized)

def mp2_run_test(molname, molecule, basis, parameters, expected_result):
    """ Run mp2 calculation and check its energy correction.


What happens is that it adds a test to the collection with the specified parameters. The test itself is like a normal test except for the fact that it uses the parameters instead of hardcoded data.

Just wanted to state a solution that is working for me. It would be nice to have something similar integrated in attest, but I don't know the attest code so well to know if this follows its philosophy.

My implementation is very spartan and involves a little more than a call to partial.

 def parametrize(self, *args, **kwargs):
    def deco(func):
        wrapper = partial(func, *args, **kwargs)
        update_wrapper(wrapper, func)
        wrapper.__wrapped__ = func
        return func
    return deco
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