Use jbovlaste on the command line, offline.
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Use jbovlaste on the command line, offline.

  • Displays LATEX formatting as unicode plain text with console formatting
  • Uses a hashing key-value store for fast look ups
  • Computes search terms in advance with scoring for fast serching
  • Stemming if PyStemmer is installed
  • Handles undefined compound words beautifully: lobybau resolves to jbobau and cizbau to cizra and bangu
  • Script friendly: define your own shell aliases and functions


This is currently pre-release and the recommended installation is a developer installation:

$ git clone git:// && cd jbo
$ sudo ./ develop
$ jbo index en.xml
$ echo "source <(jbo bashrc)" >>~/.bashrc && source <(jbo bashrc)

Now you can git pull changes without needing to run again.

jbo define

jbo filter

jbo index

The jbovlaste export for $JBO_LANGUAGE (defaultnig to en) is automatically downloaded and indexed if needed. This command lets you keep the index up to date or index an export from a non-standard place (file path or URL).


Progress bars require a recent version of the progressbar library, which can be installed with:

sudo easy_install progressbar

This however is optional. The python-lxml library is similarly preferred if installed and might be faster, otherwise a standard library is used for processing XML.

jbo bashrc