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Editor for Arturia MicroBrute
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MicroDude is an editor for Arturia MicroBrute. It offers all the functionality of Arturia MicroBrute Connection but the firmware upload and the factory patterns reset.


Also, it is possible to use MicroDude from other Python programs.


MicroDude is a Python package that is installed the standard way with python3 install. However, as it contains desktop application related resources, it is installed with make.

The package dependencies for Debian based distributions are:

  • python3
  • python3-setuptools
  • python3-mido
  • libportmidi-dev

You can easily install them by running sudo apt-get install python3 python3-setuptools python3-mido libportmidi-dev.

To install MicroDude simply run make && sudo make install.

Usage of the Python interface

If you want have direct access to the MicroBrute you can use the Connector class in the python package this way.

Firstly, to connect to the MicroBrute you have to proceed the following way.

$ python3
>>> from microdude import connector
>>> connector.get_ports()
['MicroBrute:MicroBrute MIDI 1 28:0', 'MicroBrute:MicroBrute MIDI 2 28:1', 'Midi Through:Midi Through Port-0 14:0']
>>> c = connector.Connector()
>>> c.connect('MicroBrute:MicroBrute MIDI 1 28:0')

From here, it is possible to get or set parameters or sequences.

>>> c.set_parameter(connector.BEND_RANGE, 12)
>>> c.get_parameter(connector.BEND_RANGE)
>>> c.set_sequence('7:36 x x 36 x x 36 x x 36 x x 32 x 39 x')
>>> c.get_sequence(6)
'7:36 x x 36 x x 36 x x 36 x x 32 x 39 x'

Notice that while the get_sequence method is 0 based index the sequence string returned follows the Arturia specifications and is 1 based index.

Lastly, you can close the connector to free the resources.

>>> c.disconnect()
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