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update_db [-m <module>] <filename> <dbname>
adds items in the file <filename> to the db with
the basename <dbname>. if -m <module> is specified that
module is used rather than AnyDBM_File.
file is of the form provided in ../files/infobot-is.txt
which is to say
<key> => <value>
one per line, and <dbname> is something like infobot-is
if the db doesn't exist, it will be created. if it does
exists, the entries will be added, potentially overwriting
entries that exists with the same key.
NOTE: skips lines that do not contain a => ... you can
add comments this way.
dump_db [-m <module>] <dbname>
turns the db into a flat ascii file of the form above.
try e.g.
dump_db infobot-is
dump_db -m DB_File infobot-is.db
you'll need to edit this script to give the right home
directory, but this is for crontabbing the infobot. it
will run it if it's not already running. this is not
highly tested! YMMV.
hysteresis [time] [command]
for keeping an infobot running without cron. will immediately
restart a bot if it last ran for longer than <time> seconds,
otherwise will wait until <time> seconds have passed since
last start to start again.
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