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use Fcntl qw(/^O_/);
(my $Me = $0) =~ s-.*/--;
# XXX This should read your config file and default to the database type
# you specified there. The library should be extended to support this.
my $module = my $def_module = 'AnyDBM_File';
if (@ARGV && $ARGV[0] =~ s/^-m//) {
$module = shift;
if ($module eq '') {
@ARGV or die "$Me: no arg for -m specified\n";
$module = shift;
if (!@ARGV || grep /^-/, @ARGV) {
print "\n";
print " usage: $Me [-m <dbm module>] <dbname>\n";
print "\n";
print " prints out an ascii flat file of the\n";
print " database <dbname>. <dbname> should be\n";
print " the basename of the db, e.g.\n";
print "\n";
print " $Me infobot-is\n";
print "\n";
print " <dbm module> is an alternate for $def_module,\n";
print " eg DB_File\n";
print "\n";
eval "require $module"; die if $@;
$| = 1;
foreach $dbname (@ARGV) {
tie(%db, $module, $dbname, O_RDONLY, undef)
|| die "Couldn't open \"$dbname\" with $module: $!";
my ($key, $val);
while (($key, $val) = each %db) {
chomp $val;
print "$key => $val\n";
untie(%db) || die "untie() on $dbname failed: $!";
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