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OPTS+=" --with-distro=other \
--libexecdir=/usr/lib \
--with-usb-ids-path=/usr/share/usb.ids \
--with-pci-ids-path=/usr/share/pci.ids \
--enable-split-usr \
if module_installed Linux-PAM; then
OPTS+=" --with-pamlibdir=/lib/security"
# a not existing hostname is set to lunar.
[ -f /etc/hostname ] || install -m 0644 -o root -g root $SCRIPT_DIRECTORY/files/hostname /etc/hostname &&
# vconsole.conf defaults to us-layout
[ -f /etc/vconsole.conf ] || install -m 0644 -o root -g root $SCRIPT_DIRECTORY/files/vconsole.conf /etc/vconsole.conf &&
# last but not least the locale settings, defaulting to US
[ -f /etc/locale.conf ] || install -m 0644 -o root -g root $SCRIPT_DIRECTORY/files/locale.conf /etc/locale.conf &&
# systemd guys wrongly assume that on every linux
# installation is a group called "lock" this isn't
# the case in lunar, so we switch it to root.
sedit "s:0775 root lock:0775 root root:" tmpfiles.d/legacy.conf &&
default_config &&
make &&
prepare_install &&
# Needed to migrate from udev module
if module_installed udev; then
lrm --upgrade udev
fi &&
# systemd is no longer PSAFE during the make install phase due to install order of some libs (systemd-journal).
# Please check if this is fixed with the next release.
unset MAKES &&
make install &&
# Always install the legacy.conf file even if SysV compatibility isn't enabled
install -m 0644 -o root -g root tmpfiles.d/legacy.conf /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d
) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
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