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What should be working:
- Creation, modification and destruction of ZFS pools, filesystems, snapshots
and clones.
- Dynamic striping (RAID-0), mirroring (RAID-1), RAID-Z and RAID-Z2.
It supports any vdev configuration which is supported by the original Solaris
- You can use any block device or file as a vdev (except files stored inside ZFS
- Compression, checksumming, error detection, self-healing (on redundant pools).
- Quotas and reservations.
- Backups/restores (with zfs send/recv)
What isn't working yet (expected version):
- Mount options (0.4.0).
- File locks (0.4.0).
- Maximum memory usage is not adjustable (0.4.0).
- Nested pools -- creating a pool on a file stored on another
pool (probably 0.4.0).
- ACLs and extended attributes (0.5.0). ACLs created in Solaris
should be enforced.
- The .zfs control directory is not working, so you can't
navigate snapshot filesystems (0.5.0). As a workaround, you can clone a
snapshot (see zfs clone).
- Auto-configuration of NFS exports (probably 0.5.0).
- ISCSI exporting (I have no idea).
0.5.0 will probably be renamed to 1.0.0 after extensive testing.
What can't be done right now:
- Remount filesystems (FUSE limitation).
- Have better than 1-second granularity on file times (FUSE limitation).
What will probably never work:
- Storing swap files in a ZFS filesystem. This will deadlock your kernel. The
FUSE support for swap is incompatible with ZFS due to copy-on-write and
- ZVols - limited usefulness. Might implement it as a file in the .zfs control
dir in a future version, if people really want it (swap won't work on ZVols
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