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No longer hard-coding HDFS replication factor.

	HDFS replication factor was set equal to Voldemort
	replication factor. This doesn't bring benefit (you can't
	ensure the HDFS fetcher jobs use distinct data nodes), could
	cause potential issues, can be done done without hard-coding
	(by setting it as a parameter when running the M/R job).
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1 parent d96839b commit 368f2c4dc438329e54414dfa4ec04c186b1b9ebb Eric Tschetter committed with afeinberg
4 .../hadoop-store-builder/src/java/voldemort/store/readonly/mr/
@@ -120,8 +120,8 @@ public void configure(JobConf job) {"Opening " + this.taskIndexFileName + " and " + this.taskValueFileName
+ " for writing.");
FileSystem fs = this.taskIndexFileName.getFileSystem(job);
- this.indexFileStream = fs.create(this.taskIndexFileName, (short) replicationFactor);
- this.valueFileStream = fs.create(this.taskValueFileName, (short) replicationFactor);
+ this.indexFileStream = fs.create(this.taskIndexFileName);
+ this.valueFileStream = fs.create(this.taskValueFileName);
} catch(IOException e) {
throw new RuntimeException("Failed to open Input/OutputStream", e);

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