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This plug-in provides joystick and gamepad support for Stellarium, the free/open-source astronomy application (http://stellarium.org). It's still under development. Using the plug-in requires an already installed copy of Stellarium.


  • Windows: an installer file for Stellarium 0.12.4 (the last official release) is attached. Note that the plug-in is compatible only with the specific Stellarium version it is built for, so this one probably won't work with previous versions of Stellarium.
  • Linux: no package archive provided for now, use GitHub's features to download a tarball for this tag.
  • Mac OS X: not supported for now.

Features and use

At this stage of development:

  • the plug-in supports only one controlling device. If there are more than one
    connected to the system, it will pick the first one indexed by SDL.
  • all controls are hard-coded. Customization is planned for the future.

Joystick controls:

  • the first two axes are assumed to be the X and Y axes and pan the view
  • the third axis (throttle? yaw?), if present, controls zoom
  • any hat switches, if present, pan the view
  • button 1 (trigger?) toggles the mount mode (between alt-azimuth and
  • holding down button 2 allows finer movement when panning and zooming,
    similar to holding down SHIFT when using the keyboard.

Gamepad controlls:

  • the left analog stick (if present) pans the view
  • vertical axis of the right analog stick (if present) controls zoom
  • direction buttons pan the view
  • the button quartet on the right side:
    • the bottom button (X-cross or A) toggles the mount mode
    • holding down the right button (Circle or B) allows finer movement
    • the left button (Square or X) returns to the default zoom
    • the top bottom (Triangle or Y) returns to the current time, which is
      necessary, because...
  • the left shoulder button slows down time, the right one speeds it up