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Hyper Fast and safe image manipulation library for python . Powered by rust.


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Hyper fast image processing

This is a Work in Progress. Still working on it!

For all the examples, meme.png is used. Please replace that with whatever Image you use

Via File System

from polaroid import Image
im = Image("meme.png")

Using Bytes

# Just an example use any library to supply bytes
from polaroid import Image
import requests
byt = requests.get("").content
im = Image(byt)
ret_byt = im.save_bytes()


from polaroid import Image
im = Image("meme.png")
h = im.height
w = im.weight
wi,hei = im.size
image_format = im.format
mode = im.mode

Using the RGB class for coloring

from polaroid import Image, Rgb
im = Image("meme.png")
# Color Rgb 
color = Rgb(78, 93, 148)

# Now Save


Image Methods

['add_noise_rand', 'adjust_contrast', 'alter_blue_channel', 'alter_channel', 'alter_channels', 'alter_green_channel', 'alter_red_channel', 'apply_gradient', 'b_grayscale', 'blend', 'box_blur', 'brighten', 'color', 'color_no_grayscale', 'colorize', 'crop', 'decompose_max', 'decompose_min', 'desaturate', 'detect_horizontal_lines', 'detect_vertical_lines', 'edge_detection', 'edge_one', 'emboss', 'filter', 'fliph', 'flipv',  'g_grayscale', 'gaussian_blur', 'gradient', 'grayscale', 'grayscale_human_corrected', 'grayscale_shades',  'hog', 'horizontal_strips', 'identity', 'inc_brightness', 'invert', 'laplace', 'liquid_rescale',  'monochrome', 'noise_reduction', 'offset', 'offset_blue', 'offset_green', 'offset_red', 'oil', 'pink_noise', 'prewitt_horizontal', 'primary', 'r_grayscale', 'remove_blue_channel', 'remove_green_channel', 'remove_red_channel', 'replace_backround', 'resize', 'rotate180', 'rotate270', 'rotate90', 'save', 'save_base_64', 'save_bytes', 'save_jpeg_bytes', 'selective_desaturate', 'selective_hue_rotate', 'selective_lighten', 'selective_saturate', 'sepia', 'sharpen', 'single_channel_grayscale', 'sobel_horizontal', 'sobel_vertical', 'solarize', 'swap_channels', 'threshold', 'thumbnail', 'tint', 'unsharpen', 'vertical_strips', 'watermark']
#All available for Image

Rgb Methods

Special Methods for Image

from polaroid import Image
im = Image("meme.png")

#The `bytes` method is not implemented use
byt = im.save_bytes()

# Save a jpeg

im.save_jpeg(quaility: int)

byt = im.save_jpeg_bytes(quality: int)


  • initial release

  • automated releases and pypi wheels

  • wheels for alpine linux

  • full documentation

  • benchmarks

  • image draw features

  • Stable release and promotion