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Revision history for Perl module Class::InsideOut
1.14 2017-04-02 13:52:18-04:00 America/New_York
- Passes tests when '.' is not in @INC.
1.13 2013-04-25 13:59:42 America/New_York
- allow set_hook and get_hook to be blessed or overloaded objects
1.12 2013-04-24 21:02:39 America/New_York
- Typos fixed
- Issue tracker is now GitHub
1.11 2013-01-23 21:33:13 America/New_York
Bug fixes:
- fixed tests for recent, XS-only Scalar::Util
- converted distribution management to Dist::Zilla
1.10 Mon Aug 24 20:44:46 EDT 2009
Bug fixes:
- changed method of calling Exporter::import() to avoid confusing DProf
- fixed detection of missing 'weaken' function in newer Scalar::Util
(fixes test t/15_no_weaken_fallback.t) (RT#47623)
- cleanup: eliminate test warning from bogus superclass in a test class
- docs: Noted that set_hooks aren't called by new() (RT#48106)
1.09 Fri Jan 4 18:42:41 EST 2008
- bugfix: allow use of upper or mixed case property accessors
(David Schmitt)
- testfix: tests will now pass on Perl 5.005 -- though 5.005 is not
recommended due to the lack of weak references
- pod: added a note about using "our" instead of "my" for properties
- critic: various cleanups to about Perl::Critic level 5
- moved author tests to xt directory for CPANTS compatibility
1.08 Thu Aug 23 07:12:33 EDT 2007
- STORABLE_attach warns instead of dying if it can't provide a singleton
back to Storable, leaving Storable to croak instead; on 5.6.2 (and
possibly older Perls), this change works around Storable dying during
cleanup if STORABLE_attach dies inside an eval()
- thread tests skip on perl < 5.8.5 due to unexplained thread failures;
perl585delta alludes to thread fixes when weak references are in use
and this may be related
- removed "use warnings" from singleton test files for back compatibility
- moved pod/coverage tests to t_extra/ and stopped depending on an
environment variable to allow them to run
- changed to the Apache License, version 2.0; (it's clearer, relicensable,
and is explicit about contributions)
1.07 Fri Aug 10 07:41:00 EDT 2007
- fixes for using ":storable" with older versions of Exporter
that required tags to come first. Now we just strip it during import.
1.06 Mon Feb 12 19:34:59 EST 2007
- all tests involving Storable now skip if Storable isn't installed
(instead of only a few) (David Cantrell)
1.05 Sun Feb 11 16:29:16 EST 2007
- fixed optional new method with hash reference (RT#24839)
1.04 Thu Jan 18 21:47:19 EST 2007
- added 'readonly' accessor-creator
1.0301 Wed Nov 15 06:08:47 EST 2006
- removing email address for bug reports to (hopefully)
cut down on RT ticket spam
1.03 Wed Oct 11 10:55:28 EDT 2006
- thread tests skip if thread creation fails
- added an examples directory with a reference to some of the objects
used in testing
1.02 Tue Aug 15 09:26:11 EDT 2006
- fixed duplicate property name checking (RT#20997)
1.01 Thu Jul 27 12:30:54 EDT 2006
- register() now handles standard cases with "sufficiently advanced
technology" and does the right thing
- optional simple "new" constructor added
- changed "foreign" inheritance to "black-box" inheritance in Pod
1.00 Fri May 12 21:25:34 EDT 2006
- removed Data::Dump::Streamer support attempts until RT#19060 can
be addressed
0.90_02 Thu May 4 00:56:04 EDT 2006
- fixed up META.yml and a pod typo
0.90_01 Wed May 3 20:47:34 EDT 2006
- *API CHANGE* renamed serialization hooks to FREEZE and THAW
- added support for STORABLE_attach for singletons
- improved test coverage
- refactored some of the test classes
- refactored STORABLE_* code
- refactored documentation
- added draft (non-working) support for serialization with
0.14 Thu Mar 16 23:07:22 EST 2006
- Fixed test bug where thread test wouldn't properly skip for Win32 Perl
5.6 (with ithreads enabled for pseudofork but no
- Improved handling of "die" in set_hook and get_hook callbacks
0.13 Fri Mar 10 10:32:08 EST 2006
- Test for Scalar::Util::weaken fallback had a bug that would fail on
Perl versions prior to 5.6. Fixed to be fully backwards compatible.
0.12 Wed Mar 8 21:58:58 EST 2006
- Added workaround for unavailable Scalar::Util::weaken; gives warning
about not running thread-safe; added missing weaken skips to thread/fork
test files
- property/public/private arguments are now validated. Property names must
be identifiers; Property options must be given as hash references;
Duplicate property names are not permitted.
- options argument checked for proper format; option values are checked
for validity
- register argument checked for blessed reference
- added optional pod/pod_coverage tests (skipped by default)
0.11 Sat Jan 28 11:09:50 EST 2006
- tweaked Build.PL; dropped Test::More dependency to 0.45 to help pass
ActiveState automated tests (0.45 first to offer thread safety and in the
5.008 core); fixed copy/paste error for cleanup
- documentation cleanup; fixed links; restructured Pod for options;
softened alpha warnings as we get closer to a stable API
0.10 Fri Jan 27 01:41:38 EST 2006
- added "set_hook" and "get_hook" option for custom accessor/mutator
- added ":all" and ":std" tags
- cleaned up or reorganized documentation in places; revised synopsis
to be shorter
0.09 Fri Jan 20 14:55:14 EST 2006
- added basic accessor generation as an option for property declarations;
added aliases "public" and "private" as shortcuts to property options
- added per-class default options for properties
- added support for user-written freeze and thaw hooks
- documentation updates: typo safety requires strict (Steven Lembark);
caching refaddr() to minimize overhead; new features documented
0.08 Wed Jan 18 10:50:13 EST 2006
- BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: property definitions now require a
label in addition to the property hash
- Class::ISA results are now cached when first used; also minor
optimization of reftype switching in STORABLE_* methods (Adam Kennedy)
- foreign inheritance test now checks for IO::File or skips
- documentation cleanup and trailing whitespace removal (Ron Savage)
0.07 Mon Jan 9 09:48:46 EST 2006
- Storable support tested with references, grouped references and circular
references; references external to the freeze are cloned
- documentation cleanup
0.06 Sun Jan 8 23:07:22 EST 2006
- DESTROY cleans up all Class::InsideOut properties in the @ISA tree;
updated documentation on object destruction for clarity; fixes
diamond-pattern inheritance memory leaks without requiring a DEMOLISH
- added first-draft support of serialization with Storable for objects
based on scalars, arrays and hashes; tested on data values only; not
yet tested on values with references or objects, particularly circular
reference chains
- CLONE no longer exported; all refaddr index cleanup handled globally in
Class::InsideOut::CLONE rather than in class-specific methods
0.05 Fri Jan 6 09:07:07 EST 2006
- added caveats on usage and current limitations
- more documentation tweaks
0.04 Thu Jan 5 21:44:30 EST 2006
- major documentation update
0.03 Thu Jan 5 18:41:05 EST 2006
- thread test no longer dies if threads are not configured
- added DEMOLISH support for custom destruction actions
- added id() as optional alias for refaddr
- documentation tweaks
0.02 Thu Jan 5 00:51:01 EST 2006
- basic property and object registration with automatic CLONE and DESTROY
0.01 Wed Jan 4 12:06:51 EST 2006
- placeholder