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Document prompt()
Shorten manifypods so it fits in < 200 character command line (like
Cleanup manifypods so it uses Pod::Man instead of pod2man.
Rethink MM_Win32 tests.
Investigate one method per make target.
Test MM_Any and pull some redundant tests out of MM_*.t
MakeMaker's warnhandler has to go away.
Create a way to init MM objects.
Move instmodsh to utils/ in the core.
Handle config files (ie. /etc) and their special PREFIX needs
Fix Win32 when perl is installed in C:\Program Files
Make sure PDL builds
Fix find_perl on Amiga
Fix appending of .. when DIRS contains directories not immediately
below the cwd.
Properly test INSTALL* generation.
Make INSTALL* generation portable.
Integrate bleadperl 16033
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