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Rethink MM_Win32 tests.
Investigate one method per make target.
Test MM_Any and pull some redundant tests out of MM_*.t
Create a way to init MM objects. (XXX What's wrong with MakeMaker->new?)
Move instmodsh to utils/ in the core.
Handle config files (ie. /etc) and their special PREFIX needs
Make sure PDL builds
Fix find_perl on Amiga
Fix appending of .. when DIRS contains directories not immediately
below the cwd.
Fill in the IMPORTS docs.
Document "make install UNINST=1"
Remove tar -I Sun-ism from instmodsh.
Consider adding a timeout option to prompt() and env variable.
Remove the dogmatic "always use h2xs" from the docs and replace with
something a bit more sensible. References to ModuleMaker and perhaps
a small Makefile.PL tutorial.
Unify VMS->find_perl
Consider if VMS->find_perl needs to have pieces put into maybe_command()
Consider if shell escaping all macro data is a good idea.
Have 'make distdir' spit out a META.yml file.
Move Win32->init_others() ExtUtils::Command overrides into MM_Any.
Figure out and document the 4th arg to ExtUtils::Install::install()
Consider if adding a nativize() routine to replace macify() and
fixpath() is useful.
ExtUtils::Install is a disaster.
Fix split_command() tests on Win32. (split_command() not broken, only tests)
Make MakeMaker a subclass of File::Spec.
Change File::Spec class method calls to object methods.
Copy eliminate_macros() and fixpath() from File::Spec::VMS and into MM_VMS.
Eliminate the above from inside FS::VMS->catfile and catdir. Make into
MM_VMS wrappers.
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