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Rethink MM_Win32 tests.

Investigate one method per make target.

Test MM_Any and pull some redundant tests out of MM_*.t

Create a way to init MM objects. (XXX What's wrong with MakeMaker->new?)

Move instmodsh to utils/ in the core.

Handle config files (ie. /etc) and their special PREFIX needs

Make sure PDL builds

Fix find_perl on Amiga

Fix appending of .. when DIRS contains directories not immediately
below the cwd.

Fill in the IMPORTS docs.

Remove tar -I Sun-ism from instmodsh.

Consider adding a timeout option to prompt() and env variable.

Unify VMS->find_perl

Consider if VMS->find_perl needs to have pieces put into maybe_command()

Add a MM_Any->init_others() using ExtUtils::Command.

Figure out and document the 4th arg to ExtUtils::Install::install()

Consider if adding a nativize() routine to replace macify() and
fixpath() is useful.

Eliminate eliminate_macros() from inside FS::VMS->catfile and catdir.
Make into MM_VMS wrappers.

Test ExtUtils::Command::MM

Finish ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial

Add 'how to install additional files' to ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ.

Give typemap location its own macro.

Merge MM_VMS->tool_xsubpp

Initialize PERL_SRC to '' instead of leaving undef when outside the source

Reinstate HTMLification to use the new HTML Config info.

split manifypods target into more generic docifypods target which depends on

Add target to generate native Win32 help files (or whatever Win32 likes
to use for help files these days)

Add target to generate native VMS help files.

On VMS, write PM_FILTERs to a temp file and run from there avoiding command
line lengths. Worth the trouble given the Unixy nature of PM_FILTER?

Move oneliner() and friends into a seperate module for general consumption.

Make out of date check on 'make dist' more useful

Make maniadd() return a tied, case-insensitive hash on VMS.
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