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rely on Cwd::getcwd which should be safer on cygwin (and other platfo…

…rms?) than abs_path.

Some platforms implement abs_path via fast_abs_path which is a more dangerous function. getcwd doesn't seem to suffer that failing.
I filed a bug on Cwd ( but this fix for File::chdir should work immediately.
Addresses GitHub #3
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commit ecaf12f81be11b6b80c2dc63f8cbad905b58ed64 1 parent e16787a
@jberger jberger authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  lib/File/
2  lib/File/
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ tie @CWD, 'File::chdir::ARRAY' or die "Can't tie \@CWD";
sub _abs_path {
# Otherwise we'll never work under taint mode.
- my($cwd) = Cwd::abs_path =~ /(.*)/s;
+ my($cwd) = Cwd::getcwd =~ /(.*)/s;
# Run through File::Spec, since everything else uses it
return canonpath($cwd);
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