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+Thank you for considering contributing to this distribution. This file
+contains instructions that will help you work with the source code.
+The distribution is managed with Dist::Zilla. This means than many of the
+usual files you might expect are not in the repository, but are generated
+at release time (e.g. Makefile.PL).
+However, you can run tests directly using the 'prove' tool:
+ $ prove -l
+ $ prove -lv t/some_test_file.t
+For most distributions, 'prove' is entirely sufficent for you to test any
+patches you have.
+Likewise, much of the documentation Pod is generated at release time.
+Depending on the distribution, some documentation may be written in a Pod
+dialect called WikiDoc. (See Pod::WikiDoc on CPAN.) If you would like to
+submit a documentation edit, please limit yourself to the documentation you
+If you see typos or documentation issues in the generated docs, please
+email or open a bug ticket instead of patching.
+Dist::Zilla is a very powerful authoring tool, but requires a number of
+author-specific plugins. If you would like to use it for contributing,
+install it from CPAN, then run one of the following commands, depending on
+your CPAN client:
+ $ cpan `dzil authordeps`
+ $ dzil authordeps | cpanm
+Once installed, here are some dzil commands you might try:
+ $ dzil build
+ $ dzil test
+ $ dzil xtest
+You can learn more about Dist::Zilla at

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