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Revision history for pantry
- 'pantry sync' downloads the node run-report to the 'reports'
directory in the pantry. This is useful for examining the
state of the node and eventually may be useful for searching
nodes based on configuration/state data.
- 'pantry rename' command added to rename nodes
- 'pantry delete' command added to delete nodes
- pantry commands that take a single 'node NAME' target may
specify a NAME of '-' to run the command against a list of
names read from STDIN
- 'pantry sync' was crashing due to Net::OpenSSH not working with
Path::Class objects; fixed by stringifying paths before handing
off to Net::OpenSSH
- node names (and data file paths) are always converted to lower case
(since they are supposed to be DNS names, which are case insensitive
- 'pantry list' outputs nodes alphabetically
0.003 2012-05-02 18:06:55 America/New_York
- 'pantry list' now lists node *names* not *filenames*
0.002 2012-05-02 17:15:46 America/New_York
- 'pantry apply' and 'pantry strip' commands added to support
applying/stripping recipes and attributes for nodes at the command
line instead of requiring an external editor
- 'pantry list' command added to list nodes managed in a pantry
- 'pantry show' command added to print out node JSON data
- 'pantry sync' now includes the "--delete" flag during rsync
- pantry now uses model classes (Pantry::Model::*) to separate
manipulation of pantry objects from the command line app
0.001 2012-01-13 18:22:46 America/New_York
- Initial release
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