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minor syntactic changes to improve synhi in vim

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rjbs committed Apr 11, 2011
1 parent 237c3d7 commit 5796bae3aae961cb757759355f9f08f134f7b4f1
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@@ -1647,24 +1647,24 @@ Please contact modules\ if there are any open questions.
} elsif ($self->{HAS_WORLD_WRITABLE}) {
- push @m, $tf->format(qq{The distribution contains the
+ push @m, $tf->format(qq[The distribution contains the
following world writable directories or files and is
therefore considered a security breach and as such not
being indexed: @{$self->{HAS_WORLD_WRITABLE}} . See
- also});
+ also]);
push @m, qq{\n\n};
- push @m, $tf->format(qq{For your convenience PAUSE has
+ push @m, $tf->format(qq[For your convenience PAUSE has
tried to write a new tarball with all the
world-writable bits removed. The file is put on
the CPAN as
'$self->{HAS_WORLD_WRITABLE_FIXEDFILE}' along with
your upload and will be indexed automatically
unless there are other errors that prevent that.
- Please watch for a separate indexing report.});
+ Please watch for a separate indexing report.]);
push @m, qq{\n\n};

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