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Discourage PAUSE accounts for non-contributors

We still get lots of requests "to submit bugs" or "for metacpan"
and so on.  This commit adds further text discouraging such
requests and directing them to Bitcard instead.
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1 parent 4b9fcfb commit 941aa75ebbca1e9145e9eb7be851fa2ce92b566d @xdg xdg committed
Showing with 10 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 htdocs/04pause.html
  2. +8 −0 lib/pause_1999/
4 htdocs/04pause.html
@@ -66,8 +66,8 @@
the <i>authors/id/</i> tree of CPAN. The write access to that
directory is password protected.</p>
-<p>If you have written a module, script, or documentation, if you have
-some porting material or patches you would like to contribute to the
+<p>If you have written a module, script, or documentation
+you would like to contribute to the
archive, visit <a
Registration</a> (<a
8 lib/pause_1999/
@@ -2867,6 +2867,14 @@ sub request_id {
+ push @m, q{
+ <p>A PAUSE account is only required to distribute and manage Perl module
+ distributions on CPAN. You do not need a PAUSE account to submit
+ bug reports to <a href="">RT</a> or participate
+ in many Perl community sites — please register a
+ <a href="">Bitcard</a> account instead.</p>
+ };
my $req = $mgr->{CGI};
my $r = $mgr->{R};

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