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@@ -7,42 +7,81 @@ Ubuntu and Debian platforms.
+The carton cookbook depends on 'perlbrew' and on a development version of
+the 'runit' cookbook.
+The 'perlbrew' cookbook is available from the
+[Opscode Community site]( or from
+the [perl-chef]( git repository.
+The required development version of 'runit' uses a LWRP instead of a definition
+file. See [CHEF-154]( This
+cookbook requires the CHEF-154 branch of my clone of the Opscode runit repository,
+available here: [](
+Hopefully, these changes will be merged upstream soon.
+* `node['carton']['perlbrew'] = 'perl-5.14.2'` - Sets default perl for carton apps if not specified by user
-Installs ...
+Loads the 'perlbrew' and 'runit' recipes to ensure those LWRPs are ready for use. This *must* be loaded
+before using the 'carton_app' LWRP.
-This LWRP ...
+This LWRP sets up a [carton]( application as
+a runit service and passes through runit commands to start/stop or otherwise
+control the service.
- perlbrew_perl '5.14.2' do
- version 'perl-5.14.2'
- action :install
+ carton_app "hello-world" do
+ perlbrew node['hello-world']['perl_version']
+ command "starman -p #{node['hello-world']['port']} app.psgi"
+ cwd node['hello-world']['deploy_dir']
+ user node['hello-world']['user']
+ group node['hello-world']['group']
+ end
+ carton_app "hello-world" do
+ action :start
-This is equivalent to ...
+This installs all dependencies of a carton app in a deployment directory using
+a particular perl, sets up a runit service using the given command, and
+starts the service.
-* ...
+* :enable - ensure carton dependencies are installed and set up the runit service (default action)
+* :disable - disables the runit service
+* :start - start the service
+* :stop - stop the service
+* :restart - restart the service
-* ...
+* :perlbrew - name of a perlbrew perl to use to run the application. This
+will be installed using the perlbrew LWRP if not already availble
+* :command - shell command to launch the application. This must launch the
+application in the foreground; runit will ensure it is properly daemonized
+* :cwd - directory containing the application. The service will also be
+launched in this directory (via "carton exec -I lib -- $command").
+* :user - user under which the service will run
+* :group - group under which the service will run
+* :environment - a hash of environment variables that will be set prior
+to running the service
@@ -1,6 +1,12 @@
maintainer "David Golden"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
-description "Installs/Configures carton"
-version "0.1"
+version "0.1.0"
+description "Installs/Configures carton and provides a LWP"
+long_description, ''))
+version "0.1.0"
+recipe "carton::default", "Installs carton LWRP dependencies"
+supports "debian"
+supports "ubuntu"
+depends "perlbrew", ">= 0.1.0"
+depends "runit", ">= 0.15.0" # this is a lie, see

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