SLUGS Waypoint Visualization for FlightGear
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SLUGS Waypoint Visualizer

The SLUGS Waypoint Visualizer is an addon for FlightGear that allows you to plot waypoints form the route manager. Currently, waypoints are shown as red beads, and legs between waypoints are plotted as yellow beads.

SLUGS FlightGear Addon


To install this addon, copy the data folder into your FlightGear directory (aka FGROOT , typically C:\Program Files\FlightGear).

The above step will add the bead models to data\Models\Geometry, add the backend script to data\Nasal, and add the UDP protocol to data\Protocol. You could also copy the backend script to your home directory, but the models and protocol will need to be located under FGROOT.


The SLUGS Waypoint Visualizer project is protected under GPLv2. See the LICENSE file for more info.


© 2013 David Goodman