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When you use Take Out to downlad all photos from Google Photos:

  • A folder yyyy-mm-dd for each day with photos.
  • A JSON file data for each photo.
  • A lot of pictures duplicates, in your date folder and album folder.

¡It's impossible reorganize all this files!

Solution: this program.

Behavior this program

  • Remove all json files.
  • Check duplicate files and keep files of album folder. Remove in day folders.
  • Remove empty folders
  • Fix extension files
  • Fix files with extension ending in numbers, changing to .jpg.

How to use?

You need dotnet core 3.1 sdk to run. You can find it here

Change the path

var pathToClean = @"C:\GooglePhotos";  

Execute: dotnet run

View the log file generate with the result.

Sample results


Note: I had 142 files duplicates because one album was duplicates with different name.


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