Utilities for using nose and mpi4py together
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mpinoseutils -- Utilities for using nose and mpi4py together


What you need is included in the module mpinoseutils.py.

An __init__.py is provided in case you want to use git subtree to make this a sub-package of your own projects. Distribution with your own projects is encouraged at this time, perhaps once the project is mature it can become a dependency instead.


Write tests like this:

from mpinoseutils import *

@mpitest(4) # argument is number of ranks needed for test
def test_demo(comm):
    assert comm.Get_size() == 4

    # meq_: Different expected result for each rank
    meq_(comm, [0, 1, 2, 3], comm.Get_rank())

    allranks = comm.allgather(comm.Get_rank())
    # mprint: collective non-garbled printing
    mprint(comm, 'allranks == ', allranks)
    assert_eq_across_ranks(comm, allranks)

Running in non-collective mode

Run the test with nosetests as usual. When the test is run, the decorator will spawn MPI subprocesses using mpiexec and communicate with rank 0 using ZeroMQ in order to execute the function and report the results.

For each module containing tests, a new, isolated set of MPI processes are spawned. The workers are reused for all tests in a test module.

Running in collective mode

Alternatively, by using setup.cfg and runtests.py, you can run all the MPI processes through all the tests:

mpiexec -np 10 python runtests.py [args-to-nose]

The number of ranks should be the maximum of the ranks needed in individual tests (i.e., the @mpitest decorator creates a sub-communicator with the right number of ranks).

Using runtests.py rather than nosetests will silence nose printing from every rank but the 0-rank. After each @mpitest-decorated test has run, the results are gathered to rank 0, which will raise errors on behalf of the other ranks.


Test fixtures (setup(), teardown() etc.) are not supported yet; they may work accidentally but it's not tested. Module initialization code should be run once per test module per process.


BSD 3-clause