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Fix typo in scheduler documentation

Summary: Change `many_events_every_day` to `hello_world_every_day` in scheduler docs

Test Plan: bk

Reviewers: #ft, natekupp

Reviewed By: #ft, natekupp

Differential Revision:
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helloworld committed Oct 7, 2019
1 parent 0d26a54 commit bef3f6d5ebd6343a490995345169281a22e5f8dd
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  1. +3 −3 docs/sections/learn/tutorial/
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ def define_scheduler():
environment_dict={"storage": {"filesystem": {}}}
return [many_events_every_day]
return [hello_world_every_day]

To point dagster to our new scheduler, we add a `scheduler` key to `repository.yaml`
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ If you need to define a more specific schedule than cron allows, you can pass a

For example, we can define a filter that only returns `True` on weekdays:

import datetime
def weekday_filter():
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ def weekday_filter():

If we combine this `should_execute` filter with a `cron_schedule` that runs at 10:00am every day, then we’ll have a schedule that runs at 10:00am only on weekdays.

hello_world_every_weekday = ScheduleDefinition(
cron_schedule="0 10 * * *",

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