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alangenfeld [docs] update and cleanup
Summary: General pass to clean stuff up that was out of sync / date and do a first pass over the new API bits

Test Plan: buildkite & eyes

Reviewers: schrockn, natekupp, max

Reviewed By: schrockn, natekupp

Differential Revision:
Latest commit 00deb3f Jun 20, 2019
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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_static/css [docs] update and cleanup Jun 19, 2019
_templates Docs fixes Jun 6, 2019
sections [docs] update and cleanup Jun 19, 2019
Makefile rearrange docs and examples May 22, 2019 Fix docs on mobile May 30, 2019
index.rst [docs] various improvements May 29, 2019 Only check if docs build May 29, 2019
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