An experiment in making choropleths (shaded maps) easy to build
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Easy Choropleths

An experimental tool to let humans build choropleths (data-shaded maps) without any knowledge of Javascript or GIS.

Try it out here!


The idea and motivation for this is flushed out in my ideas repo here:

How it works

At a basic level, what this app does is pretty simple:

  • Pulls data from a Google Spreadsheet (using Tabletop)
  • Scales the data by putting each value into a bucket; buckets here are of equal size based on the minimum and maximum values, a "quantize" scale in D3 terms (using D3 and ColorBrewer)
  • Maps the data by a color scale based on the scaled values (using Leaflet)

Everything's done in Javascript, so it's a simple static site.

Running Locally

Right now, easiest way is to cd into the root directory and run the python one-liner web server: python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Then load up your browser (preferably Chrome with Dev Console open) to:

Copyright Dave Guarino, 2014