Perl6 access to Justcoin trading API (Norwegian Bitcoin marketplace)
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=begin pod =head1 NAME WebService::Justcoin - Interface to Justcoin Bitcoin marketplace. =head1 SYNOPSIS use WebService::Justcoin; my $j =; say $ => "BTCNOK"); # ("id" => "BTCNOK", "last" => "2800.000", "high" => "2950.123", "low" => "2751.020", "bid" => "2800.000", "ask" => "2867.446", "volume" => "21.00230", "scale" => 3).hash $j = :api-keys("my-api-key"), :url-get(&ugly-curl-get)); say $j.orders(); # ({"id" => 2524406, "market" => "BTCNOK", "type" => "bid", "price" => "2833.723", "amount" => "0.00352", "remaining" => "0.00352", "matched" => "0.00000", "cancelled" => "0.00000", "createdAt" => => 2014, month => 4, day => 8, hour => 9, minute => 51, second => 10)},).list} =head1 DESCRIPTION Justcoin is a Norwegian Bitcoin marketplace. C implements the documented parts[1] of its API and some of its undocumented parts[2]. This module is alpha quality. Use this module at own risk! [1] Justcoin API documentation: [2] Justcoin API source code: Perl6 is awesome, and bitcoins are neat too. This module let's you combine the two worlds. I, the author, use this module to buy a small amount of BTC every day in a cron job. =head1 METHODS I recommend taking a look at the unittests to see how to use the API, and what return values to expect. There are also samples in /samples =head2 new(:api-key, :url-get, :url-post, :url-delete) The constructor. API key is required for most methods (C is one exception). Your API key can be found on the website under your account settings. Since Perl6 does not at the moment (AFAIK) have a module for accessing https urls, you will need to provide them yourself as url-get, url-post and url-delete parameters. This module does however provide you with an ugly implementation of those that use the C executable. Here is how to use them: my $j = :url-get(&ugly-curl-get), :url-post(&ugly-curl-post), :url-delete(&ugly-curl-delete), :api-key("your api key")); =head2 markets(:$id?) Get current market summary. If you provide market ID, you will only get summary for that market. =head2 market-depth(Str $market-id) Market depth for given market (all asks and bids). =head2 currencies Currencies supported by Justcoin. =head3 orders() List of your current (unmatched) orders. =head3 create-orders(:market, :amount, :type, :price?) Create a C<:type> order in C<:market> for C<:amount> of currency at C<:price>. C can be either "ask" or "bid". C is optional and your order will be placed as market order if not provided. =head3 cancel-order(Int $id) Cancel order with given ID. =head3 balances(Str :$currency?) Lists your balances for all currencies. If C is provided, only your balance for that currency will be returned. =head3 withdraws() Lists all your withdraws. =head3 create-withdraw-btc(Str :$address, Rat :$amount) Withdraw C<$amount> of BTC to address C<$address>.