Resize images using GD
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=begin pod

=head1 NAME

Image::Resize - Resize images using GD


    use Image::Resize;

    # Create a mini-me 1/10th your size
    resize-image("me.png", "mini-mi.jpg", 0.1);

    # Resize to exactly 400x400 pixels.
    resize-image("original.jpg", "resized.gif", 400, 400);

C<Image::Resize> takes an image and resizes it. Can read jpg, png and gif
images and store the image in any format.

=head2 no-resample

Disable resample, which uses "smooth" copying from a large image to a smaller one,
using a weighted average of the pixels.

=head2 jpeg-quality

When copying to a jpeg image, you may specify this to change the quality
of the resized image. Range 0-95. A negative value will set it to default
jpeg value of GD.