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Placeholder for README ;)
Overview of tools
dar-kickoff kick-off a new build-environment (not working!)
dar-prepare prepare a build-environment (mount necessary dirs)
dar-build build package serialized
dar-update update, upgrade or install packages
dar-shell work inside your chroot
dar-exec execute a command in every build-environment
dar-sync sync packages with a remote site
dar-dotty create graphs from your build-environment (defunct pdf)
Overview of paths
/etc/dar/dar.conf General DAR configuration
/etc/dar/dists Location for extra distribution information
/etc/dar/scripts Pre-process and post-process scripts
/dar/build Location for building
/dar/chroot Location for build-environments
/dar/packages Location for binary and source packages
/dar/pub Location for apt/yum repositories
/dar/rpms Location for SPEC files and patches
/dar/tmp Location for temporary files and buildroot
/usr/share/dar Location for extra files and library
Tool arguments
dar-build -a arch,arch2 -d dist,dist2 -s sdist -n -t tag -f <package/spec> ...
dar-update -d dist,dist2 <package> ...
dar-exec -d dist,dist2 <cmd>
dar-sync -d dist,dist2 -r
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