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TODO for dar
+ Rewrite in python using mach
+ dar-build: Print useful information before building
- md5sum of sources and patches
+ dar-build: If possible check the source-files against an online MD5-checksum
+ dar-kickoff: Improvements (see mach)
- Create package-lists for minimal installs
- Make it modular using /etc/dar/dist/{rh62,rh73,rh80}.conf
+ dar-build: Improvements (version-management)
- Rewrite app.spec
- Increase release
- If SPEC file changed since last package, repackage.
+ Modular distribution design
- Using /etc/dar/dist/{rh62,rh73,rh80}.conf
- Maybe add infrastructure to dist-name (SuSE ?)
- Contains:
- package management system (rpmbuild, dpkg, ...)
- package management options
+ dar-build: Automatically install BuildRequires before building (neat!)
- use $(rpmconf BuildRequires)
- If possible (return-code) try to distinct a Build-dependency-problem or a build-problem
- If automatic BuildRequires installation works and dar-kickoff works,
keep counter and after X builds advice to reinstall build environment.
- Maybe uninstall BuildRequires after a succesful build
+ Dar should contact author(s) when new packages are available
- If a Contact exists (see: $(metaconf Contact))
- Probably functionality for dar-sync ?
+ Dar should be able to (if asked) check if new software is available
- Download new software and compile a new package on demand.
- Version could be incremented automatically (or given on commandline)
+ Run rpmlint on the resulting RPM package (rpmlint doesn't work ATM)
+ Install (test-install) packages in the build-environment to verify they work.
- But I don't want to polute my build-environment with unreleased packages.