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source "/usr/share/dar/dar-functions"
if [ -z "$DEFAULT_DISTS" -o -z "$ROOT" ]; then
echo "ERROR: There's something wrong with your configuration !" >&2
exit 1
umount /dar/build 2>/dev/null
#mount -o bind /dev/shm /dar/build/
for distname in $DEFAULT_DISTS; do
if [ "${DEFAULT_DISTS// */}" != $distname ]; then
ln -f $CHROOTDIR/${DEFAULT_DISTS// */}/root/.bash_history $CHROOTDIR/$distname/root/.bash_history
umount $CHROOTDIR/$distname{/dev/pts,/proc,/sys,/tmp,$ROOT/build,$ROOT/} 2>/dev/null
# rm -rf $CHROOTDIR/$distname{$RPMTMPPATH}/*
mkdir -p $CHROOTDIR/$distname/$ROOT/
mount -o bind,noatime $ROOT $CHROOTDIR/$distname/$ROOT/
mkdir -p $CHROOTDIR/$distname/proc/
mount -t proc proc $CHROOTDIR/$distname/proc/
mkdir -p $CHROOTDIR/$distname/sys/
mount -t sysfs sys $CHROOTDIR/$distname/sys/
mkdir -p $CHROOTDIR/$distname/dev/pts/
mount -t devpts devpts $CHROOTDIR/$distname/dev/pts/
### Use this when you want to speed up building :)
# mkdir -p $CHROOTDIR/$distname/$ROOT/build/
# mount -o bind /dev/shm $CHROOTDIR/$distname$ROOT/build/
### Use thise when using X processes inside chroots
# mkdir -p $CHROOTDIR/$distname/tmp/
# mount -o bind /tmp/ $CHROOTDIR/$distname/tmp/