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* 0.5.0 - Return To Hasselt - released 09/09/2005
- Disable digests in rpmdb too. (Bert de Bruijn)
- Removed sysctl -p from dconf.conf (Bernhard Weisshuhn)
- Added openntpd, postgresql, shorewall, syslog-ng sections (Bernhard Weisshuhn)
- Added axfdns, dnscache, tinydns sections (Bernhard Weisshuhn)
- Sections are now sorted (less python-specific, but breaks older snapshots)
* 0.4.2 - Mid-Hudson Valley LUG - released 22/06/2005
- Use 160bit SHA1 instead of 128bit MD5
- Make relative links instead of absolute
- Added --root option
- Check permissions to files and commands prior to using them
- Test existence of rpm binary prior to using it
- Added dconf-debian.conf (Leo Eraly)
- Added --nodigest and --noverify to rpm -qa command
- Added syslog message
- Fixed sort differences when running using cron or manual (LC_ALL='C')
- Added internal exclude list for common unwanted files
- Fixed a bug regarding RPM md5sum checking
- Added a dconf manpage
* 0.4.1 - released 24/11/2004
- Fixed a bug with md5sum checking
- Use compression based on the filename extension
- Split Red Hat and SuSE config files
* 0.4 - released 21/11/2004
- Fixed a problem with unowned files (Alain Rykaert)
- Added cups, ltsp, nscd and smbldap config (Alain Rykaert)
- Added rpmdb support to filter out unchanged config-files
- Now cleanly accept of mails can't be send
* 0.3 - released 01/11/2004
- Added lots of extra sections (more additions welcome !)
- Filtered out iptables and netstat counters
- Implemented mail feature (when differences or when initial use)
- Implemented inline diff function
- Allow to write to different output file or stdout
- Add cron= config option to add to cron (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly)
- Add include= config option to include custom configfiles (eg. /etc/dconf-custom.conf)
- Added gzip and bzip2 support
- Added cleanup hook to remove unfinished logfiles when interrupted
- Initial public release
* 0.2
- Basic version with mailing support
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