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### Disclaimer
This is my TODO list. If you're interested in one of these features, there
are 2 options. Either wait for someone to implement it or sponsor someone
to implement it.
If you want to implement something, please contact me first so that we can
discuss acceptable implementations. In some cases I haven't thought about
it too deeply, but for others I know exactly what I require.
If you have other nice ideas that you think would be an improvement, please
contact me as well. :) Send an email to: Dag Wieers <>
### Configuration (help welcome !)
+ Add as many config files and important system state info
+ Find someone to take ownership of AIX, Gentoo, HP/UX, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Solaris config
### Usability
+ Make mailing diffs smart (keep the headers and diff content)
+ Add support for (recursive) dirs (dirs = )
+ Add dpkg support (if it has similar functionality as rpmdb)
+ Dconf should also check time/owner/perms next to md5
+ Make dconf not delete the last log (even when it's a duplicate)
+ Make dconf return a different return code depending on the result
### Output
+ Allow XML or HTML output (in some way)
### Query tool (dconf-diff)
+ Add tool to smart diff between 2 dates
(say: dconf-diff '1 day ago' or dconf-diff 'now')
+ Get logged-on people directly from utmp database
(based on given dates), see python-utmp
### Restore tool (dconf-restore)
+ Add tool to restore files from dconf log
(say: dconf-restore --root /tmp /etc/sysctl.conf)
### Extraction tool (dconf-cat)
+ Add a tool to extract output from commands
(say: dconf-cat -c 'dpkg --get-selections' dconf-hostname-timestamp.log | dpkg --set-selections)
### Round Robin rotate/consolidation script
+ Rotate snapshots or consolidate snapshots (by removing in-between snapshots)
### Section considerations
+ sysctl is disabled as it performs a change. Sadly sysctl -a returns
randomstuff -> false positive
+ netstat is disabled since it often shows different output -> false postive
### Documentation
+ Add general scenarios that make use of the dconf snapshots
+ Comply to PEP8:
### Bugs
+ For email-functionality, dconf needs a very recent python (2.3)
with unified_diff support
+ Dconf needs to check write-access to the default output-dir and/or switch
to another default (ie. ~/.dconf)
+ Dconf should not give a traceback if it has a permission denied condition
(both when trying to write or trying to read)