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Listing modules (-M list) now also lists internal plugins

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1 parent 30a1ec9 commit b4f5d8e877994ef192e5ef4c1b7482c332ee09df @dagwieers committed Dec 1, 2008
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  3. +9 −3 dstat
3 ChangeLog
@@ -2,10 +2,11 @@
- Input text color is now gray (again)
- Added external dstat_luster plugin (Brock Palen, Kilian Vavalotti)
- Validate integer values in /proc/swaps (Bert de Bruijn)
-- Added VMware ESX dstat_vmmemctl plugin (Bert de Bruijn)
+- Added VMware guest dstat_vmmemctl plugin (Bert de Bruijn)
- Added internal dstat_fs plugin to show number of open files/inodes
- Added internal dstat_socket plugin to show total number of various sockets
- Added internal dstat_aio plugin to see number of asynchronous I/O requests
+- Listing modules (-M list) now also lists internal plugins
* 0.6.8 - Buenos Aires - release 12/09/2008
- Added improved tick patch (Kelly Long)
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ contact me as well. :) Send an email to: Dag Wieers <>
+ Add user plugin (number of users logged on, utmp is not that useful, /proc/key-users)
+ Look into interfacing with apps (bind, sendmail, postfix, squid, amavisd, laus, samba)
+ Look into interfacing with specific HW counters in /proc
-+ Look at /proc/meminfo, /proc/mdstat, /proc/netstat, /proc/snmp, /proc/vmstat
++ Look at /proc/meminfo, /proc/mdstat, /proc/net/netstat, /proc/net/snmp, /proc/vmstat
+ Look at /proc/fs/cifs/stats
+ Add i2c plugin (see /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-*/*/*/*/*/*)
+ Allow for SNMP counters to be added
12 dstat
@@ -108,8 +108,9 @@ class Options:
['aio', 'cpu', 'disk', 'epoch', 'fs', 'filesystem', 'int', 'ipc',
'load', 'lock', 'mem', 'net', 'page', 'proc', 'raw', 'socket',
'swap', 'sys', 'tcp', 'time', 'udp', 'unix',
- 'all', 'debug', 'full', 'help', 'integer', 'mods', 'modules', 'nocolor',
- 'noheaders', 'noupdate', 'output=', 'pidfile=', 'version', 'vmstat'])
+ 'all', 'debug', 'full', 'help', 'integer', 'list', 'mods', 'modules',
+ 'nocolor', 'noheaders', 'noupdate', 'output=', 'pidfile=', 'version',
+ 'vmstat'])
except getopt.error, exc:
print 'dstat: %s, try dstat -h for a list of all the options' % str(exc)
@@ -194,6 +195,9 @@ class Options:
self.output = arg
elif opt in ['--pidfile']:
self.pidfile = arg
+ elif opt in ['--list']:
+ listmodules()
+ sys.exit(0)
elif opt in ['-h', '--help']:
@@ -277,9 +281,11 @@ Dstat options:
--udp enable udp stats
--unix enable unix stats
- -M stat1,stat2 enable external stats
+ -M stat1,stat2 enable external plugins
--mods stat1,stat2
+ --list list all internal and external plugins
-a, --all equals -cdngy (default)
-f, --full expand -C, -D, -I, -N and -S discovery lists
-v, --vmstat equals -pmgdsc -D total

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