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New top options give scrambled csv output #16

eccles opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I am trying out the ne top options. The csv output is horribly scrambled:
Fo example:
[root@xxxxxxxxxxxx ~]# rm /tmp/collect_stats/dstat6_test
rm: remove regular file `/tmp/collect_stats/dstat6_test'? y

[root@xxxxxxxxxxxx~]# /usr/bin/dstat --noheaders --nocolor -t --top-bio --top-cpu-adv --top-oom --output /tmp/collect_stats/dstat6_test 1
----system---- ----most-expensive---- -------most-expensive-cpu-process------- --out-of-memory---
time | block i/o process |process pid cpu read write| kill score

21-02 11:39:04|sshd 127k 24k|kjournald 3194 0.0% 0 0 |layoutPlus 93k
21-02 11:39:05|layoutPlus 168k 248k|layoutPlus 310582.5% 58k 15k|layoutPlus 93k
21-02 11:39:06|pim 0 16k|layoutPlus 310582.8%8909B 22k|layoutPlus 93k
[root@xxxxxxxxxxxxx~]# cat /tmp/collect_stats/dstat6_test
"Dstat 0.7.2 CSV output"
"Author:","Dag Wieers",,,,"URL:",""
"Cmdline:","dstat --noheaders --nocolor -t --top-bio --top-cpu-adv --top-oom --output /tmp/collect_stats/dstat6_test 1",,,,"Date:","21 Feb 2012 11:39:04 GMT"

"system","most expensive","most expensive cpu process","out of memory"
"time","block i/o process","process pid cpu read write","kill score"
21-02 11:39:04,sshd / 130068:24314,kjournald 3194 0.0% 0 0 Top: kjournald 0.00417118897096 0.0 0.0,layoutPlus / 93693%
21-02 11:39:05,layoutPlus / 172032:253952,layoutPlus 310582.5% 58k 15kTop: layoutPlus 2.5 59670.0 15285.0,layoutPlus / 93416%
21-02 11:39:06,pim / 0:16384,layoutPlus 310582.8%8909B 22kTop: layoutPlus 2.75 8909.0 22196.0,layoutPlus / 93755%

@dagwieers dagwieers was assigned
@dagwieers dagwieers referenced this issue from a commit
@dagwieers Fix the top-plugins with CSV output
This fixes #15 and #16
@dagwieers dagwieers closed this
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