dstat --thermal fails but acpi support is present #18

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eugenio commented Feb 23, 2012

As from title dstat --thermal fails to run with message "Module dstat_thermal failed to load. (Needs kernel ACPI or IBM-ACPI support)." but as i say in title acpi support is present and working because I run dstat --battery (wich I read requires acpi too) and it worked just fine. My machine is an asus n35sv with 2nd gen sandy bridge running ubuntu 11.10 with all latest updates and kernel. Let me know if you need other info (please provide commands to run as I'm newbie on and I know only a few of them).

I found out that cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/temperature is deprecated, /sys/bus/acpi/devices/LNXTHERM:00/thermal_zone/temp should be used instead. I might be mistaken but I tried cat with the second path on my system and it worked. I'm not a python programmer nor a linux expert so I wouldn't dare if not asked to try to patch the file but at least I found a workaround so that a willing expert or a mantainer could.
The discussion where I found the right path is : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/programming-9/how-to-get-cpu-temperature-in-linux-598658/


I worked out a solution by myself. I forked the project and committed a new version of the file to my fork. I'll wait for someone to review it and merge it with the original branch if ok.


dagwieers commented Mar 12, 2012

Why not just do a pull-request ? So people can see what exactly you changed and we can discuss/merge it easily ?

eugenio commented Mar 13, 2012

i'm really sorry, I'm new to git and github, and i didn't know exactly what
was right to do. If it's easier to discuss I can do a pull request and use
your repo directly.


dagwieers commented Mar 13, 2012

Ok, no problem. I understand. I will look into your changes.


dagwieers commented Mar 13, 2012

The link and discussion to the patch is at: efb8bfa


dagwieers commented Mar 22, 2016

Pull-request #88 implements a solution. Please test and provide feedback on #88.
I am going to close this issue.

dagwieers closed this Mar 22, 2016

dagwieers added this to the 0.7.4 milestone Mar 22, 2016

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