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Short explanation of directory structure
Configuration directory
confdir = /etc/mrepo.conf.d
$dist.conf - Distribution configuration files
$dist-$arch.conf - Distribution configuration files
Source directory
srcdir = /var/mrepo
all/ - - Global directory
local/ - Directory for custom packages
$repo/ - Directory for repo global packages
$dist/ - - Per distribution directory (put ISOs here)
local/ - Directory for custom packages
$repo/ - Per repository directory
Web directory
wwwdir = /var/www/mrepo
disc?/ - Loop-mounted ISO images
iso/ - Contains a symlink to the ISO files (if shareiso = yes)
RPMS.all/ - Contains all existing RPM packages
RPMS.local/ - Contains all local RPM packages
RPMS.$repo/ - Contains repo RPM packages
el3-x86_64/ - Enterprise Linux 3 / x86_64
fc3-i386/ - Fedora Core 3 / i386
per dist-arch one directory, autogenerated
you can remove everything from here and regenerated with mrepo
please don't add packages here, see /var/mrepo/all !
Please send me improvements to this document.
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