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Configuring dnsmasq to work with mrepo
To set up mrepo with dnsmasq, put the following lines in /etc/dnsmasq.conf:
### Red Hat Enterprise 3 for x86
### Fedora Core 2 for x86
The syntax is:
For DNS to work, add all systems to /etc/hosts. To map a host to a fixed
IP address with DHCP, add the MAC-address and hostname/ip-address to
/etc/ethers. eg.
/etc/hosts: localhost mrepo host1 host2
00:0B:1C:2D:3E:4F host1
00:0B:1A:29:38:47 host2
Then restart dnsmasq and make sure your systems boot using PXE.
Please send me improvements to this document.
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